I Like My Coffee With An Extra Shot Of Steampunk

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Truth Coffee are an artisan roasting coffee shop in Cape Town, South Africa. Their amazing steampunk themed flagship store is filled with neo-Victorian industrial ingredients, copper piping, vintage typewriters, sculpted platinum bar taps, plush-buttoned leather seating and other exposed gadgets and gizmos. Even the bar staff wear leather aprons, top-hats and goggles. 

Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-1 Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-2

The designer for this space was Haldane Martin, an avid sci-fi reader, and the one to suggest the concept of taking the romantic steam-powered history of the coffee industry and combining it with the steampunk genre:

”Both parties felt that it was an appropriate conceptual reference, as both coffee roasters and espresso machines display elements of romantic, steam-powered technology. Steampunk’s obsession with detail and sensual aesthetics also captured the essence of Truth Coffee’s product philosophy – ‘We roast coffee. Properly.’ ”

The real magic though is at the back of the store, the huge vintage coffee roasting probat nicknamed ‘Collosus’. The 1940s cast iron drum used to roast the coffee beans has been kitted out with a combination of Steampunk elements and also modern eletrickery that compelled Tom Midlane, MSN Travel contributor, to declare Truth Coffee ‘the best coffee shop in the world’.

Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-7 Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-6 Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-4 Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-5 Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-3 Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-8


Stately Sandwiches

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I started seeing these amazing-looking sandwiches pop up over social media last week and eventually got round to hunting where they were from this morning. Stately sandwiches, is a personal project by Kelly Pratt in which she constructs a sandwich for each US state.

I do my best to properly represent each state with research on the Internet, by calling local sandwich shops, and checking out a few books. Each sandwich is photographed and a final print, along with a story and process photos, is added to the site.

Check out the full list of sandwiches at statelysandwiches.com and her website over here.

Lukeandjules_statelysandwiches_ohio Lukeandjules_statelysandwiches_vermont Lukeandjules_statelysandwiches_texas Lukeandjules_statelysandwiches_north-carolina Lukeandjules_statelysandwiches_rhode-island Lukeandjules_statelysandwiches_new-york Lukeandjules_statelysandwiches_tennessee Lukeandjules_statelysandwiches_washington

2013 is the Year I will Take Control of Breakfast!

January 5, 2013 § 2 Comments

Fried egg, mushroom and spinach on toast

Fried egg, mushroom and spinach on toast

Toasted bagel breakfast sandwich with prosciutto and egg

Toasted bagel breakfast sandwich with prosciutto and egg

French toast topped with fried egg, bacon and maple syrup.

French toast topped with fried egg, bacon, banana and maple syrup.

Breakfast pizza.

Breakfast pizza.

Beet hash and fried egg.

Beet hash and fried egg.

Pain au chocolat.

Pain au chocolat.

Waffles and melted chocolate sauce.

Waffles and melted chocolate sauce.

Cream cheese on toasted bagel.

Cream cheese on toasted bagel.

A New Starbucks Coffee Store – Hot Design Perk Or A Latté Trouble?

January 4, 2013 § 1 Comment

Since Friends hit our television screen in the 90s, the quintessential ‘coffee house’ has remained a clearly branded identity; a comfortable and homely snug with easy-listening sounds and a soft pastel palette. But a new Starbucks concept store in Amsterdam will set a new direction. This doesn’t surprise me given that coffee houses have stayed so consistent for so long, and following the Starbucks logo redesign and recent tax headlines.

Starbucks concept_lukeandjules-1Starbucks concept_lukeandjules-2

Natural is the word that springs to mind when looking at the interior design. Dutch Oak cloaks every inch of the space, including the furniture and the 1,876 pieces of wooden blocks that line the ceiling. Local personality will play a major role in the design of stores. This branch retains many features from the original building including the vaulted concrete superstructure. They will also be smart stores, making use of social media to send out messages during the day, for example when fresh cookies come out of the oven. Community involvement will also be a major strategy with the store doubling as a venue for local bands, poetry readings and other typically hipster events… I’m a fan, especially if each store has a slightly different take on the location – what do you think?

Starbucks concept_lukeandjules-3Starbucks concept_lukeandjules-4Starbucks concept_lukeandjules-5Starbucks concept_lukeandjules-6

Positive Procrastination!

January 10, 2012 § 1 Comment

Bored? Tired? Unmotivated? Obviously not since you’re on lukeandjules.com but once you’ve had your fill of the latest posts you may be.

Rather than sitting on Facebook or staring at an empty Microsoft Word screen why not do some good in this world? This website will not only improve your vocabulary but for every question you answer correctly they will donate 10 grains of rice through the World Hunger Programme to help end hunger! What are you waiting for?

Brixton Village

December 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

Stuck for something to do on the weekend? Then head straight over to Brixton Village, nestled in the heart of S. London and offering up an exilerating mixture of  unique pop-up shops, cafes, music and art installations to those lucky enough to have heard about it.

Set up as a council initiative to boost footfall in this relatively deprived area of London, the scheme offers aspiring business owners 3-months free rent in exchange for their new and exciting food/art/fashion ideas.

Browse the shops for one-off vintage pieces and foreign goods, stop in at BrickBox cafe for a buckwheat savoury crepe or the much-loved Honest Burgers for the meat lovers, window shop the pop-up art galleries and pause to listen to the bands that line the avenues. There’s something here for everyone all under one roof as long as you have an appetite for the new and exciting.

brixton village

Epic Meal Time, changing the game hater!

December 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

Prepare to lose a solid couple of hours of your day if you haven’t seen Epic Meal Time until now. A group of guys dream up absurd cooking creations – always consisting of about 50% bacon and lots of Jack Daniels and demolish the results.

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