Norway Memorial Will Cut Through An Island

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In 2011, Norway suffered one of the worst days in it’s modern history. To commemorate the attacks and the 77 people that lost their lives, Norway held a competition for architects and artists to design a memorial.

Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg was picked as the winner with his proposal named Memory Wound. His design is focuses on the Island of Utøya, where the shootings took place, and features an 11 foot cut through the headland at Tyriforden, separating it from the mainland. The cut will symbolise the loss of life by literally removing a part of Norway, leaving the rest as a reminder.


Visitors to the memorial will by guided down a pathway through the island’s forest into a tunnel that leads to the cutting. The tunnel ends abruptly at the cut, where visitors will be able to see to the other side from a viewing platform. On the other side will be written the names of all those who lost their lives on July 22nd. “The names will be close enough to see and read clearly,” explains Dahlberg, “yet ultimately out of reach. This cut is an acknowledgement of what is forever irreplaceable.”

Lukeandjules_memory-wound_3 Lukeandjules_memory-wound_4

The earth, plants, and trees removed through excavating the cut will be transferred to Oslo, where it will act as the foundation for the city’s memorial. The Oslo tribute comprises a contemplative path situated alongside an existing busy walkway. The memorial will take visitors off their regular path but ultimately lead them in the right direction. It speaks to the massive impact the attacks had on the everyday lives of Norwegians, but concludes that although we should take time to remember what happened, life must carry on.



The London ‘Garden Bridge’ Concept

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British designer Thomas Heatherwick, the man famous for redesigning London’s iconic double-decker buses, has devised a ‘garden bridge’ that would stretch 1,200 feet across the Thames from the Temple area to South Bank. The structure would be filled with trees, flowers, grass and branched by walkways, benches and viewpoints.


The concept is designed to provide a slow and peaceful oasis amid the chaos of Europe’s busiest city. The only predicament so far is that Boris Johnson is not prepared to invest any public money, meaning the Garden Bridge Trust must raise around £60 million to see this ambitious project realised. Heatherwick hopes to complete the bridge by the start of 2016.

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I Like My Coffee With An Extra Shot Of Steampunk

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Truth Coffee are an artisan roasting coffee shop in Cape Town, South Africa. Their amazing steampunk themed flagship store is filled with neo-Victorian industrial ingredients, copper piping, vintage typewriters, sculpted platinum bar taps, plush-buttoned leather seating and other exposed gadgets and gizmos. Even the bar staff wear leather aprons, top-hats and goggles. 

Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-1 Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-2

The designer for this space was Haldane Martin, an avid sci-fi reader, and the one to suggest the concept of taking the romantic steam-powered history of the coffee industry and combining it with the steampunk genre:

”Both parties felt that it was an appropriate conceptual reference, as both coffee roasters and espresso machines display elements of romantic, steam-powered technology. Steampunk’s obsession with detail and sensual aesthetics also captured the essence of Truth Coffee’s product philosophy – ‘We roast coffee. Properly.’ ”

The real magic though is at the back of the store, the huge vintage coffee roasting probat nicknamed ‘Collosus’. The 1940s cast iron drum used to roast the coffee beans has been kitted out with a combination of Steampunk elements and also modern eletrickery that compelled Tom Midlane, MSN Travel contributor, to declare Truth Coffee ‘the best coffee shop in the world’.

Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-7 Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-6 Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-4 Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-5 Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-3 Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-8

A Subterranean Supermarket With A Flourishing Roof-Top Garden

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I’m always intrigued by architecture that makes use of rooftop space, which is what interests me about the Sanya Lake Park supermarket concept in China. Often the potential of this part of a building is neglected. The Dutch firm, NL Architects, have developed a design that makes use of large commercial structure’s ceiling ‘real estate’ by planting a giant stepped garden.

The structure is partially sunken beneath ground-level to lessen the impact of the building and to allow greater access to the terraced area and cafe pavilion that sites in the centre. A large car park is also placed underground, shielded from view. The roof garden not only creates a much more attractive looking roof for neighbouring housing but also adds to the healthy and green connotations of the supermarket. Overall I think this is a great use of a tricky triangular space in a city context – more information here!

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An Abandoned Railway Building Gets A Modern Transmogrification

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I really love the idea of taking a ruined building and using it to reconstruct a modern home. Homes manufactured on a large-scale today are so boring, with the same predictable features. I think using a historic building adds so much more character, whether it be period elements or interesting angled spaces. Nice article on the construction here.

Lukeandjules_railway-house-2 Lukeandjules_railway-house-3 Lukeandjules_railway-house-4 Lukeandjules_railway-house-5 Lukeandjules_railway-house-6 Lukeandjules_railway-house-7 Lukeandjules_railway-house-8

Escape To Your Man Cave

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If Alice In Wonderland Had Liked Rock, This Is Where She Would Have Partied

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Electric is a beautiful new restaurant and nightclub in Paris designed by Mathieu Lehanneur and architect Ana Moussinet, that looks good at any time of day!

Inside the doors, you’ll find a clean, spacious penthouse with a 360 degree view of the Parisian skyline. A giant black tree holds up a canopy of lighting and tech equipment on branches adding to the roof-top feel of the venue. Lehanneur describes it as:

‘If Alice in Wonderland had liked rock, this is where she would have spent her days and nights …’

The interior is designed to adapt between the restaurant and nightclub purposes, so many pieces of furniture are light and movable. Fixed seating around the edges offers respite from the vacant dance floor and next to the  side covered with floor-to-ceiling windows with panoramic views of The Eiffel Tower.

Check out more of Electric from their website here! but bring your French skills.



Lukeandjules_electric-paris-nightclub-5 Lukeandjules_electric-paris-nightclub-6

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