Norway Memorial Will Cut Through An Island

March 8, 2014 § Leave a comment


In 2011, Norway suffered one of the worst days in it’s modern history. To commemorate the attacks and the 77 people that lost their lives, Norway held a competition for architects and artists to design a memorial.

Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg was picked as the winner with his proposal named Memory Wound. His design is focuses on the Island of Utøya, where the shootings took place, and features an 11 foot cut through the headland at Tyriforden, separating it from the mainland. The cut will symbolise the loss of life by literally removing a part of Norway, leaving the rest as a reminder.


Visitors to the memorial will by guided down a pathway through the island’s forest into a tunnel that leads to the cutting. The tunnel ends abruptly at the cut, where visitors will be able to see to the other side from a viewing platform. On the other side will be written the names of all those who lost their lives on July 22nd. “The names will be close enough to see and read clearly,” explains Dahlberg, “yet ultimately out of reach. This cut is an acknowledgement of what is forever irreplaceable.”

Lukeandjules_memory-wound_3 Lukeandjules_memory-wound_4

The earth, plants, and trees removed through excavating the cut will be transferred to Oslo, where it will act as the foundation for the city’s memorial. The Oslo tribute comprises a contemplative path situated alongside an existing busy walkway. The memorial will take visitors off their regular path but ultimately lead them in the right direction. It speaks to the massive impact the attacks had on the everyday lives of Norwegians, but concludes that although we should take time to remember what happened, life must carry on.



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