A Mother’s Beautiful Photographs of her children and Animals

March 8, 2014 § Leave a comment


I stumbled upon these beautiful photographs today. They were taken by Elena Shumilova and feature her two sons, their animals and the farm she runs in Russia.

I largely trust my intuition and inspiration when I compose photos. I get inspired mainly by my desire to express something I feel, though I usually cannot tell exactly what that is. When shooting I prefer to use natural light – both inside and outside. I love all sorts of light conditions – street lights, candle light, fog, smoke, rain and snow – everything that gives visual and emotional depth to the image. – Shumilova

Take a look at her Flickr page for more photographs here.

Lukeandjules_elena-shumilova_2 Lukeandjules_elena-shumilova_3 Lukeandjules_elena-shumilova_4 Lukeandjules_elena-shumilova_5 Lukeandjules_elena-shumilova_6 Lukeandjules_elena-shumilova_7 Lukeandjules_elena-shumilova_8 Lukeandjules_elena-shumilova_9 Lukeandjules_elena-shumilova_10 Lukeandjules_elena-shumilova_11 Lukeandjules_elena-shumilova_12


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