I Like My Coffee With An Extra Shot Of Steampunk

November 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

Truth Coffee are an artisan roasting coffee shop in Cape Town, South Africa. Their amazing steampunk themed flagship store is filled with neo-Victorian industrial ingredients, copper piping, vintage typewriters, sculpted platinum bar taps, plush-buttoned leather seating and other exposed gadgets and gizmos. Even the bar staff wear leather aprons, top-hats and goggles. 

Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-1 Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-2

The designer for this space was Haldane Martin, an avid sci-fi reader, and the one to suggest the concept of taking the romantic steam-powered history of the coffee industry and combining it with the steampunk genre:

”Both parties felt that it was an appropriate conceptual reference, as both coffee roasters and espresso machines display elements of romantic, steam-powered technology. Steampunk’s obsession with detail and sensual aesthetics also captured the essence of Truth Coffee’s product philosophy – ‘We roast coffee. Properly.’ ”

The real magic though is at the back of the store, the huge vintage coffee roasting probat nicknamed ‘Collosus’. The 1940s cast iron drum used to roast the coffee beans has been kitted out with a combination of Steampunk elements and also modern eletrickery that compelled Tom Midlane, MSN Travel contributor, to declare Truth Coffee ‘the best coffee shop in the world’.

Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-7 Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-6 Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-4 Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-5 Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-3 Lukeandjules_steampunk-truth-coffee-8


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