Jony Ive Redesigns Things

June 13, 2013 § Leave a comment


Jony Ive redesigns his only t-shirt

The recent big reveal of Apple’s iOS 7 has been a huge talking point over the past couple of days. Graphic designers from around the world were comfortably prepared for a large-scale shift from past skeuomorphic design principles to a modern flat approach that has been successfully implemented by Google and Microsoft, but were not prepared for many of the design choices shown in the keynote. In particular, the over-flat approach renders many interactive elements unclear to the user, visual hierarchy is lost, the incredibly saturated colour palette is painful and certain icon designs such as the Newsstand icon are very poor. Having spent many hours digesting various opinions and redesigns for iOS7, I feel my own views are very eloquently explained by graphic designer Bill Labus (@labusdesign) who commented:

”I was initially extremely disappointed in not just the overall style, but the actual execution of that style. I realize Apple is keen to update the visual style of the OS after so many years, but in attempting to differentiate from all previous versions, I believe they pushed a bit too far in the opposite direction (note that all of this is referring to the visual/UI design- everything I’ve seen/used with regards to the UX/interaction design is top-notch, as always).

I’m starting to warm up to the general ‘lightening’ of the UI, as it lends a clean, airy feel (not that the current OS suffers from the opposite, but the new aesthetic is indeed refreshing, so I think they succeeded there). Having said that, I think the core issues revolve around the execution of that aesthetic. The UI has indeed been ‘flattened’, but when combined with the overall lighter color scheme, it seems to lose a sense of visual order and hierarchy, with many of the apps suffering from their content blending in with controls and making it difficult to distinguish exactly what is interactive (borderless textual buttons, lack of gradients and drop shadows to separate nav bars/toolbars from view content,…)

I’m convinced that the sweet spot lies between the two extremes, and I think the UI could benefit from taking the best of both styles to create something new and refreshing, but still discoverable and intuitive.”

In typical Internet fashion, a hilarious Tumblr site mocking iOS7 was launched immediately. You can see more things ‘Jony Ive has redesigned’ right here,  Enjoy!


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Jony Ive reveals the inspiration behind iOS7


Jony Ive redesigns Pinterest – I actually like this one


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