A Subterranean Supermarket With A Flourishing Roof-Top Garden

May 29, 2013 § Leave a comment


I’m always intrigued by architecture that makes use of rooftop space, which is what interests me about the Sanya Lake Park supermarket concept in China. Often the potential of this part of a building is neglected. The Dutch firm, NL Architects, have developed a design that makes use of large commercial structure’s ceiling ‘real estate’ by planting a giant stepped garden.

The structure is partially sunken beneath ground-level to lessen the impact of the building and to allow greater access to the terraced area and cafe pavilion that sites in the centre. A large car park is also placed underground, shielded from view. The roof garden not only creates a much more attractive looking roof for neighbouring housing but also adds to the healthy and green connotations of the supermarket. Overall I think this is a great use of a tricky triangular space in a city context – more information here!

Lukeandjules_rooftop-supermarket-2 Lukeandjules_rooftop-supermarket-3 Lukeandjules_rooftop-supermarket-5 Lukeandjules_rooftop-supermarket-4 Lukeandjules_rooftop-supermarket-6 Lukeandjules_rooftop-supermarket-7

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