The Life Infographics From The Man Who Designed The Facebook Timeline, Nicholas Felton

May 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

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Data visualisation genius Nicholas Felton, a man who is likely best known for his work designing the Facebook Timeline, recently announced that he was leaving Team Zuckerberg. Rather than revere over the timeline however – something conceptually brilliant but executed averagely in my mind – i’d like to introduce Felton’s annual reports; an amazing infographic representation of a person’s life and a real insight into the future of measured social metrics. Take a look at some of these beautiful HQ images!

Nicholas Felton spends much of his time thinking about data, charts and our daily routines. He is the author of several Personal Annual Reports that weave numerous measurements into a tapestry of graphs, maps and statistics that reflect the year’s activities. He is the co-founder of, and currently a member of the product design team at Facebook. His work has been profiled in publications including the Wall Street Journal, Wired and Good Magazine and has been recognized as one of the 50 most influential designers in America by Fast Company.

I find social metrics a really interesting aspect of the future. Take your smartphone; when you’re not using the device it just sits in your pocket. But think about all the information it could be recording: your location, time and day, speed, temperature, height, who you’re with, who’s contacting you, the event you’re going to… Now imagine a future where all devices are connected to the internet and talking to each other. Add to that list, your heart rate, what you’re eating and drinking, what you’re watching, what you’re wearing, your purchases, your photos, sleep patterns… literally everything! The idea of so much recorded information will scare a lot of people, but to me it’s exciting. Shoes that tell you when you need to buy new ones, a shirt that lets you know when more exercise would be a good idea, a fridge that suggests more water and less pizza…

Felton tracked the crazy amount of data using a custom iPhone app, which you can download and use yourselves, either by searching ‘daytum’ in the app store or at – learn more about it from this slightly awkward web chat here. I have been using the app myself for the past month with the aim of using the data for a new infographic cv design.

Lukeandjules_life-infographics-3 Lukeandjules_life-infographics-4 Lukeandjules_life-infographics-5 Lukeandjules_life-infographics-6 Lukeandjules_life-infographics-7 Lukeandjules_life-infographics-8 Lukeandjules_life-infographics-9 Lukeandjules_life-infographics-10Lukeandjules_life-infographics-11 Lukeandjules_life-infographics-12 Lukeandjules_life-infographics-13 Lukeandjules_life-infographics-14

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