460 Million Connected Internet Devices

March 25, 2013 § Leave a comment


These images are the work of ‘Carna Botnet’ – the pseudonym of an anonymous hacker, who has mapped the millions of internet connected devices around the world. The full report has been released to the public for further research here. The images section in particular contains beautiful and high-resolution graphics and animations of the data. I’d try to explain how these maps were created but it’s way over my head, so instead here’s the abstract from the report:

”While playing around with the Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE) we discovered an amazing number of open embedded devices on the Internet. Many of them are based on Linux and allow login to standard BusyBox with empty or default credentials. We used these devices to build a distributed port scanner to scan all IPv4 addresses. These scans include service probes for the most common ports, ICMP ping, reverse DNS and SYN scans. We analyzed some of the data to get an estimation of the IP address usage.”


This animated GIF above shows the geolocated devices that responded during a 24 hour period: click the image to see the animation. What you can see are the millions of devices that are turned off and the further millions that are left on.



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