The BMW M6 Paints Its Own Mail Campaign

November 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

BMW turn their new M6 into a printing press and create unique ”M Prints” as part of a new direct mail campaign. The project was created by KBSP and the digital printing group Classic Color and is a further venture for BMW’s car-paint passion. The concept is designed to show off the acceleration and handling of the new M6 in a tangible and visible way for customers to experience.

The car is driven at high speed along a track set up with paper on the tarmac, whilst ink dispensers cover the tyres in paint. The paper is then removed, prepared and sent off to a lucky BMW owner with the unique tyre impression running across it. I think it’s a great way of connecting a product to the consumer but unless BMW are willing to fork out for printing costs, it’s going to have a fairly small reach. This video, interestingly, is set to private with only 4,000 views so far so the campaign seems to be staying away from digital on this one… Still, I really like different approaches like this, that do something BTL for loyal fans. Click here to see the video or on the image below.


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