The Ingenious Mine Kafon is an Example of Perfect Design

November 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

As a child in Afghanistan, Massoud Hassani says one of his favourites games was making small rolling objects that could be raced against others using wind power. ”We used to race against the other kids on the fields in our neighborhood,” he recalls. “While we were racing against each other, our small miniatures rolled way too fast and too far. Mostly they landed in areas where we were not allowed to step a foot on [because of land mines].

Years later as a designer in the Netherlands this problem was to turn into a solution. “Almost after 20 years, I went back to my childhood and made those toys all over again,” he says. “I remade one of those objects, 20 times bigger, heavier, and stronger.” This new ‘toy’ is the Mine Kafon: a safe, affordable and fast way to diffuse minefields. The object is constructed of bamboo and rubber legs and uses wind power to propel it around until it triggers a hidden explosive. The Mine Kafon uses a GPS system to map the mine locations and there are plans to incorporate a remote operating system and a cylinder-shaped version which can cover larger areas of ground.

I think you’ll agree that this invention is remarkable. You can see more of the Mine Kafon and support his cause here!


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